How much does a girls friends affect your opinion of her?

So I like this guy at my work, I've never really spoken to him much as we are in different departments and I don't see him often, however I know a lot about him, and am considering getting to know him better, and put myself out there. The only problem is, both of his roommates have had bad experiences with my best friend and ex friend (but they don't know we aren't friends). My best friend dated his roommate and they broke up and she went on to date another two people from their group. And my ex friend was pretty much a booty call for his other room mate, but she is kind of nuts and obsessed over him for two years and somewhat stalked him and harrassed him. I'm not friends with the stalker girl at all anymore and wasn't really at the time.

Would his opinion of my friends affect his opinion of me - I'm completely different to them in most ways. Or would he just write me off as crazy because my friends are? thanks in advance!


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  • some guys might think so, for example if a girl hangs around trashy people she more than likely will be trashy too

    • So if I got to know him better and show I'm not like that, then it should be alright? I don't drink at all and I hate clubbing (but will go for special occasions) and I know he isn't a big drinker either. And I've never had a boyfriend, and I don't hook up with random guys.

    • yes get to know each other

    • Great thanks :)

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