Would you date someone who has turrets?

i was just watching that movie Duece Bigalow: The Male Gigolo and it inspired me to ask this question.

say what if you find a really hot person you would like to date etc just to find out they have turrets later on. as much as i try not to be pessimistic i think that is a deal breaker for me. i mean i dont think i can live with a person that screams out cursing words or just random things out of the blue. even though is not their fault but i think i go insane being with a person like this, and lets not forget the consequences they might bring to your life.

anyways, what are your thoughts? are you brave enough to date or be in a relationship with someone who suffers from turrets?

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hey peeps! i met to say "Tourettes"


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  • Absolutely, I have a really good friend who has Tourette's and his mind if not damaged at all it's not like you're dating someone who can't function on the same level as you. They just have ticks which are set off in high stress situations or randomly. My friend when we started getting to know each other would have ticks quite a bit but once he relaxed and he's comfortable he rarely ticks at all and he can control a lot of them. He's a normal person who can do everything that people without Tourette's can do.

    • Finally someone who knows something about it lol

    • I find it fascinating at the amount of people who judge before they've researched the topic or had first hand experience.

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  • I wouldn't no. I don't think I could date someone with mental problems.

    • People with Tourettes don't have mental problems. Tourette's in an inherited neuropsychiatric disorder which in people with this disorder causes neurotransmitters to make involuntary facial and body movements. The majority of people with Tourette's have normal intelligence and life span. Aside from the vocal or motor tics they're utterly like you and I.

  • Tourettes? Hmmm. Honestly, I don't think I could deal with that in a relationship.

  • Sure, why not?


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    • That's pretty epic.

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    • this is obviously most helpful answer

  • You realize the people who shout out curse words as a tick are a very small percentage of people with Tourette's right? Some just make little squeaks and others have physical ticks that don't make noise. Yes I think I could date someone with Tourette's. I have a stutter so I know what it's like not being able to prevent something no matter how hard you try.

  • Tourettes? I thought you were talking about stationary machine guns there for a second hahaha

    I think I'd be good with it, swearing really doesn't bother me. If people stared I'd join in and swear at them so she feels normal. I understand the downsides but if I am attracted to the rest of her then I could work around it

  • Sorry, mental stability is something I need in a partner.

    • you would go that far? wow

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    • Ok, I guess I should elaborate, anyone who behaves in a manner like that, that is uncontrolled would be someone I would not be interested in. Sorry if that offends you, that is mpo.

    • it didnt. i'm with you on that one

  • I like giving girls attention that have some kind of issue or insecurity because they know what it feels like to be rejected. That means its much easier for me to appeal to them and inevitably date them. (in theory)

    • really, so you would go out with a chick that say if you take her to Starbucks for some coffee and when you walk in to the place and she shouts out cursing words out of the blue and all attention turns to both of you. would you do it?

    • I think I'd rather take her to a rock concert in that case, also, turrets is more than vulgar outbursts. It's a case by case situation.