Am I date able? Things just seem to have slowed down relationship wise?

I'm 6"1
Not sure bout weight in pounds but I'm ten stone
Brown hair
Eyes change between green, blue and grey usually depending on mood
Student at university in Cambridge
No job but basically because I have enough money atm not to need one.
No car just because again don't need one currently but can drive
Live with my friend in a flat
Had two long term relationships plus some one night stands before but stuffs kinda just slowed down
Have a good number of friends. Guys and girls

Treat everyone one kindly, would say I'm pretty witty and funny. Have a lot of friends so I assume I'm fun to be around. Just can't seem to find a relationship for about 3 years. Starting to just fill myself with doubt and anxiety. Would be good to get some feed back and advice...

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  • you look fine. But seriously who gives a fuck about relationships. Also i just wouldn't date you because i hate relationships

    • Well I want a relationship with a particular person right now, but it's complicated. I feel like I'm being used by someone and it's just left feeing pretty unsure about myself.

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    • I have done but I just get the same responses back. That she loves me, but she doesn't want to settle down with someone, which i guess is what I want, I'm completely in love with her... Which I get cus we're both relatively young.. But it's just not helpful when she says she loves me more than the guy she's seeing, or that if she had to settle down with someone she'd choose me. She tells me that if she's not with anyone when we're older we should just get married to each other but that just hurts like crazy and makes me feel shit about myself now

    • watch 500 days of summer that movie taught me a lot about that kind of relationship

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  • your a good looking guy :) You look tired in your profile picture, but also think it's due to the poor lighting. So don't give up!

    • Tbf it's in like a basement bar so not surprising that it's dark lol

  • Based off of evertmything you said you sound like a great guy and I would love to date you.

    But nonetheless I selected B I wouldn't date you only because you're looking for something long term and that's just not me.

  • Don't ever feel like your un-date-able every one will find someone there are so many people out there waiting for someone just like you!!

  • yeah your date able

  • You seem really cool and Defoe date able, plus you're really good looking :3


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