Did I do something wrong? logging on dating site while "talking" to a girl?

It's a long story but im gonna sum it up the best i can

I met this girl on okcupid and we immediately hit it off and agreed to delete our dating profiles, for eachother, on day 1!

Fast forward acouple weeks, we get into stupid argument/misunderstandings and she straight up tells me each time, she doesn't wanna date me but we make up and get over it each time, cause we're perfect for eachother

Now a couple days ago, she accussed me of something outrageous, and told me once again she won't ever date me. next day we talk things out and she's still adament about not wanting to date me.

The day after that, i logged on my old Plentyoffish cause i was bored and thought me and her wouldn't go back to normal. Apparently her friend told her she saw my profile on POF, a site different from the one i met this girl on. The friend told her, and she confronted me.

ill admit i could've worded it better, but i told her "yeah i was just bored and browsing. didn't really message anyone" and she flipped at me and accussed me of wanting to find a second option and blabla

I can understand her getting mad, we agree to delete our dating accounts because here i am on a different account on a diff site BUT she told me the day before she didn't wanna date me. when i told her that she said "you keep making excuses. we always fight like that but go back to normal" even tho our conversation that day (when she was adamant about not wanting to date me) was her not interested at all

So what do i do/say to fix this? and do you think im wrong?

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  • You didn't do anything wrong. And she's crazy and not worth it