Was I friend zoned? If I was not friend zoned how do I keep myself from being there? If I was how do I get out?

Alright here is the deal, I met this guy through a dating website- it took us a month of talking before he even added me to his friends list on Facebook, it took another 3 weeks before we even went out. We have a lot in common, our first date we talked for 3 hours.

We just had our 2nd date, if you want details on that, he paid for the movie, and I paid for dinner. I thought he would at least try to hold my hand during the movie, he did not flinch. It was during dinner he said to me, I'm not feeling the romantic attraction at this time, it does not mean that it can't change later, I still want to talk, I still want to hang out. He just wanted to be honest with me, which I appreciate. We ended the get together with a big hug initiated on his part. Did he make it obviously clear? Did he soften the blow by adding the last part in by saying, it does not mean it can't change later. What should I do?


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  • ask him out, or get him to. if he hasn't already though, i would think he's not into you like that. if you feel like you can ask him out, do it

    • also, im surprised he made you pay. guys should ALWAYS pay. BUT, we want you to at least offer because we want to know you're willing to

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