Things you have wanted to do with your partner? :3

Aren't there things that you really want to do with your partner or have your partner do to you or experience something with you?

I have a few:
Hugs from behind (squeal!!)
Beach Date
Amusement Park Date
Travel together
Eat food together :3

I'm sorry if I sound childish...
(Yes, you can talk about sexual stuff too. Haha)


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  • the girl i want, but could never have, i want to take her ice skating. for a couple of reasons. it was a chidhood memory of hers and no longer gets to go because of three jobs. but also because i haven't been in a while myself. she's a good dancer too, so i bet she's really good at figure skating

    • remember though, i dont even have this girl, she's just a girl i know

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    • That sounds so romantic!!
      If only I could ice skate...
      I would probably be on my butt the whole time struggling to get up XD
      Are you not going to run after her? Have you told her about your feelings?

      You sound like such a sweet person so that didn't sound creepy at all.
      I am blushing behind my computer >////<
      Nobody really tells me that so I'm flattered :)

      P.S. Don't worry, I'm not in any relationship and I'm almost 18 :D

    • it doesn't take much to skate and if i was with you id teach you. im not going after her because its a complicated situation, no, i haven't told her. thanks for the comment, and im glad you're blushing and flattered. it says you are, doesn't it? and oh? well still, you're ALMOST 18, im ALMOST 25 1/2

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  • Do a dance with her on rain dance nights, take her out to a romantic movie, watch romantic t.v. Shows, hugging her, Stroking her hair, carry her in my arms, giving her my coat when its cold, kissing her fully & obvio having sex... I got emotional... We separated. :)

    • Aww ;(
      Thanks for telling me even though it's a sensitive topic...
      I'm trying to forget somebody and it is so damn hard...
      You seem so kind :)

    • :-) thanks to you too. Ya its so hard:'(

  • I have done most of the cliche stuff, but I would love to play piano with a partner. Like a duet :3

    I loooooove tim burton films, and I've loved the idea of reenacting that piano scene they do in corpse's bride since I was young ^^ v=qaMcImrNnOQ

  • Did a science project with my partner, although he was chosen by the teacher. He was a tosser who did no work, so I had to finish it myself so we wouldn't get a detention.

  • Lotus position with my ex, but it hurt her and never really got to try it


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  • I'd love to travel with him. We're both avid travelers and I think traveling together would be a great way to find out just how compatible we are lol.

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