How to become a pick up artist?

I'm a shy guy and can say all girlfriends I had were from my luck. Now want to change it for start I got some PUA guide books and want to follow their methods.
What more can do to become a successful pick up artist?


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  • What you say does not matter at all unless you're saying "I want to anally rape you" or something along those lines.

    If you're confident, moderately attractive, and excel at something, women will respond accordingly.

    • My weakness is my confident don't know why but always was shy.

    • Confidence is the one thing most women value most in men. It's why you always see girls dating and hooking up with assholes. They may be assholes, but they're confident assholes.

      Women generally lack self confidence for the most part. Most are heavily insecure about their looks, so confidence is sort of a rock for them to lean on. They don't want someone just as insecure as they are

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  • Post your art work online


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  • Which PUA guides did you get? Be very careful.of whose stuff you read and follow, because a lot of the supposedly top PUAs are no better at getting laid than the average guy, in fact they're often worse e.g. one well know PUA coach started teaching after sleeping with one woman. The only way a guy can be good enough to teach is to be able to do it over and over again.

    So basically there are a load of clueless fucks who just want your money and teach you things that will make you worse and turn you into a weirdo.

    There are a few good guys, google them:
    - Steve Jabba
    - Aaron Sleazy
    - 60 years of challenge (great if you're an introvert)
    - Alan Roger Currie (not a PUA but gives some good advice)

    Some David DeAngelo stuff is good.

  • Start looking at RSD Tyler's videos. And Elliott Hulse

  • The only way is a LOT of diligent, regular practice out in the real world. You'll only get good if you make it a focused effort to start conversations with literally HUNDREDS of women.

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