Why are boys so impatient with girls?

So I like this older guy and I overhead him and his friends talking about he liking me. He thought I was talking about him when I was talking about a parasite and that I swore at him when I said thank you (for leaving)(He was far away). I shut him out because he is older and the rumors for three months.

  • Forget about him
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  • Speak to him
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  • Take your time and show him that you are nice.
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His friends ask him if he was going to ask
me out and he was like maybe. I still don't know her well enough yet.
I am NOT talking about sex here. To speak the truth none of these answers are about what I am talking about.


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  • Depends on how old he is? I'm 29 so you're out of my range... not even because you're literally illegal. I don't like dating girls under 23. It's a maturity thing and I'm also looking to settle down, I don't think young girls like you are interested in that lol

    But if he doesn't want to wait for you then fuck him. If I was like 21 I'd totally wait for you if you were worth it.


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  • You're just assuming that he would even want to be with you and even wait for you. No, a guy who knows what he wants is gonna wait around for a young woman to mature before he takes her. I wouldn't. I'm 27 and I prefer older women anyway.

  • You sound like you're assuming way too much about him. Plus he is older and may not like the idea of dating someone who is illegal to do things with technically.

  • Some guys want move fast and don't want wait for girls to become of age
    if your age of consent he can legally be with you, but you got consent to it
    any girl under the age of 16 in most states is not legal to consent

  • Accord to your opinion he seems to be a pesimist..so u have more life to check in...he's older means dat depends on the age gap...so just forget him

    • So what if he is only like less than a year older

    • den i go for option 2... try to express ur feelings to him.. den leave it to him, wait n see..if der could be any chnge in his attitude !!

  • because guys want girlfriends were different guys desire the opposite gender, duh


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  • Maybe he's not a pedophile and is only attracted to legally aged girls?