Is this just a kiss off line?

There's this guy I realy like that works in a grocery store near my home. He used to just stare all the time, but now we say hi and smile. I talked to him last night and actually introduced myself. He was really nice and he knew exactly how long he had been seeing me there. I asked him if he wanted to grab a coffee sometime and he said," Kinda hard because I work days as a roofer and I work 6 night a week on top of that" He said, Tell ya what, next time you come in I will give you my number and we'll go from there" He also had told me he was in the middle of his second divorce. Why not just go for the coffee without mentioning the work load? I mean, if it were me, I would have said that I would love to, but I AM very busy and we'll have to set something up. I am very perplexed by his response. I didn't even ask for his number or anything. I just thought if he seemed THAT interested, then he would have gone for it. What do you think? Thanks!


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  • What you said you would is what I would do if I were him but, people are sometimes weird.

    • Yeah...I mean this has been going on forever. He remembered that it was like 3 years that he had been seeing me there, so obv. he was paying attention. He might just be not sure what to do because he IS in the middle of a divorce. Very weird though, after all that build-up. It was kind of a big let down. I seriously doubt if he will just approach me next week ( I go every Sat. night) and hand me his number.

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