Dreams About My Good Guy Friend?

Well guys, I have had a dream about my guy friend. It wasn't a bad dream, in fact is was really cute and left me waking up to be oddly happy.
In the dream, we were together (as always) with a group of friends and I needed to tell him something.

It turned out this 'something' was my shy confession ending with a kiss on the lips as if it were real.

I do not remember my dream friend's reaction, but we are fairly close. Close like- Skyping for three hours until 2 a.m, close.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind if I had a crush on him. I'm just so confused because I have never had any romantic feelings for anyone- let alone have my first kiss.

What does this dream, mean? Is it just infatuation? Should I confess for real?

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The dream is what I am most confused about, being forward-

I would like to date him if it was possible.

I don't know my true feelings, I've never had a crush before (crazy I know) and I feel especially happy around him.
I guess I do like him.


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  • If you dont even know yourself if you like him then no one else can help you. Dreams can sometimes mean that we like someone, or they can be irrational. You must decide for yourself if you have feelings for him. Imagine you are in a relationship with this guy. Do you think you would prefer it?


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  • Frankly it's just a dream unless u want it to be more. I think love at first sight is always infatuation or u can say it starts with an infatuation. So if you think you would want to go ahead and ask him out then do it. This dream doesn't make anything real. You should understand your relationship with him. How close you guys are. Try to leave this dream out of scene and then rethink about whole scenario. Just decide.

  • I have had dreams about lady friends before that I would never like. That are like the bros. The one thing I have found out though, is that they would always approach me for the kiss. If I liked them, it was always me in the dream going in for the kiss. My current crush I dream about kissing and cuddling with her. I wouldn't take it seriously! And if you would like to, please answer my most recent poll question, it's dying on me!


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