Phoning rather than texting...what does it mean if anything?


A man you hardly know prefers calling rather than texting...why? coz I read men prefer texts...I am not complaining...just curious. Yesterday, I sent him a message...he responded and then phoned. Said he prefers calling...we spoke for an hour.
Today, I called him at work...he was busy and stressed...could hear it in his voice...but he picked up on the first ring...
It doesn't mean anything right?



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  • It means he's old school... which makes a lot of sense seeing as how you're part of the older generation.

    I'm the only man I know my age that does stuff like that. I picked up my date last week and knocked on her door. She told me how surprised she was because guys just don't do that anymore; they text and wait for the date to come to the car.

    Anyhow, I will also call. The difference is that I don't like having full blown conversations through text. If it's a quick thing then that's fine, like a reminder, but if I have a suspicion that it's going to take more than a couple of texts I end up calling that person instead.

    What does it mean? Can't really say as you're not providing enough information. That's not really your fault, obviously this relationship is new. Just play it by ear.


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