Is this normal behavior from this guy I met online?

I've had 4 dates with him already and his text messages say things like: you're perfect my love, xoxo I want to keep you love you all the time, good morning gorgeous, I want to see you, come give me a hug, you have any guys hitting on you?; I want to cuddle, etc.
Today when I'm with family he texts me saying: hey you ran away. You don't like me anymore, boo hoo.
I'm friends with his two younger brothers. I have been for years since high school. But I never heard that there was an even older brother till now.
Should I stay with his guy? I don't have feelings for him yet.

The last one he wrote to me today, he said he was teasing me. Texting is so hard to figure out if people are joking or not.


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  • If you don't have feelings for the guy than you need to wait or come out tell him how you feel

    • He is trying to make conversation with you by saying them things he is flirting with you too

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    • He's a really great guy. Tomorrow I get to go over his house. What we're gonna do, I've got no idea.

    • Thank you for Most Helpful glad to help you i wish you the best :) xD

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  • What is he like 12 or something?

    You should stay away from him. He sounds creepy.

    • He'll be 34 in Dec. So he's 3 years older than me.

    • "hey you ran away. You don't like me anymore, boo hoo."

      That's like really immature insecure shit. Again, he sounds creepy.

    • I went through this Facebook feed before he met me and he's wrote some things that sounded depressing like, "I want to disappear." Then a friend of his told him he shouldn't write that on Facebook. Then another friend said, "He's joking. He's always been like that. I've known him for years."

  • Creepy as hell.

  • " I want to keep you love you all the time..."

    Probably thinking about chaining you up in the barn.

    • Oh God I hope not. I'm just gonna go to public places with him till I can trust him.

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