My girl thinx im cheating everytime I go to hang out with my friends they are girls should I get a chastity?

should i get a chastity to poov to my chick im not cheating with my chick friends thet all i want is her and thet ill never cheat im not that tipe of guy i love her so much and it herts she would think so low of me but i need hellp figering this out i dont want to loos my friends or my girl and so far this is the only thing i can think of anyone hve a beder idea or whats your thots on mine


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  • Nooooo get a new gf cause she should trust you for who you are lol. If she doesn't she's the one with a problem not you.

    • My friend is the same way he won't break up with this girl even though she doesn't believe a thing he says. This is why I don't plan on getting into a relationship until 25 at the earliest.

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  • Why not bring her along? And why do you have all girl friends?

    • cuz i want a wife one day and i hope she mite be the one i dont have all girl friend but the girls thet are my friends are the ones she bitches about

    • So why not hang out with your friends AND your girlfriend? Maybe if she's around the girls she won't be as threatened by them, and might even become friends and truly trust them not to move in on you

    • i tried that she comes in suspishis of everyone it makes her look like a snoody bitch if thay could only see who she is when she dosent feel thretend ill figer it out

  • Not going to lie, male chastity is fucking hotttt!

    • So is women making sandwiches in the kitchen the whole day. If he's not cheating then he doesn't need to wear something as if he were an animal.

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    • i own my own biz and i slak off sometimes this could hellp me get productivity up pluss i like the idea of a beast being locked and o shit the beast has bin unleeshed wotch out lol

    • lol Many couples enjoy male/female chastity and express many benefits from it.

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