What is wrong with him? How should I solve this problem? I mean seriously why is he reacting this way?

I am a freshman and he is a sophomore. I had a crush on him like almost immediately after I moved on. Last week he thought I was talking about him as a parasite (when I was talking about another boy) and said the F bomb at him (But what I said was thank you for going away because he makes me uncomfortable). On the same day his friends asked him if he was going to ask me out and and he replied that Maybe. I still don't know her better yet. Later he was at the doorway near the cafe and his friends was there too. He was staring into the cafe to look for someone and when he saw me. My mouth was open because i was surprised he was right there and he was like to his friends, see her reaction when I am here? Then afterwards when I was talking about a parasite, he talked to his friend and he swore at me and his friends was like, "Dude, she is not going to talk to you anymore. It might be part of her test." and he said "I am done." I shut him out for like 3 months because of he is older. (I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT SEX!---last question people were going to subject.)

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  • just walk up to him and say "Hi" you know he likes you. for a guy. they like when girls come to them some times. it takes the pressure off of them

    • Thanks for your reply definitely more
      helpful than comments about sex on the other question.

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