What would hold a seemingly confident guy back from asking a girl out if he liked her?

And it is obvious that she has the feels for him too.

I'm talking about a hypothetical situation in which he does like her but has not asked her out.
Once again it is a HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION! Pretend he does like her. Ok. Sheesh.


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  • Some things that might be holding him back:

    -He's chained to a wall
    -There's currently a train passing through
    -Building fell down, right in his way
    -He has no legs/his wheelchair broke
    -Parents never even taught him how to walk
    -It's opposite day
    -The floor is lava!
    -He's sore from the gym
    -He's afraid of the sun
    -He's thinking about where he wants to eat, but just happens to be looking at you
    -He has that feeling like he forgot something, and he's trying to figure out what it might be...and also happens to be looking at you

    These are just a few scenarios I can think of at the moment.


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  • Im in this situation atm, there is a women i like and im a pretty confident guy and she knows i like her and she makes it obvious she likes me to. The things that are keeping me from asking her out are, I am in the middle of a finical crisis, and dates are just to damn expensive "atm"Some guys will not take the step if she puts a fear in their minds that she might hurt him, if she seems like a flirt he can assume she is just playing games, a smuty, talking to more than one guy etc. If she is sending mixed signals or simply playing hard to get these things can make a guy second guess his idea of asking a girl out. I have second guessed asking a girl before for these similar reasons.

    • Finally! Someone who understands my question. Thank you. And hey, a date does not have to be expensive. A walk in the park. A picnic. A movie night indoors. Cooking her dinner or even attempting to (which is adorable). If a girl really likes you she won't mind if you don't have that much cash.

    • Np anytime and thanks to you as well that's true good point there. :)

    • You're welcome. Glad I could help. I hope all works out for you. 8)

  • Either he's only shy around people he likes, or he just doesn't like her.

  • nothingm he probably does not like her

  • his confidence is an act.

    • So like if he does all the signs of liking you -- staring, touching, pet names, yada yada yada but does not ask you out then why does he do it? (hypothetically of course lol)

    • Yea, if it werent hypoblablabla I would have given a different answer already

      It's super easy to act condifent to some point, but at some point it's not as easy anymore. He probably reached that point

  • sometimes being confident is a act, he may have been shy at heart

  • He might not be as confident when it comes to someone he really likes.
    He might not be ready for a relationship if he has a lot going on in his life.
    He might like her, but not be compatible with him. Such as being a different religion, or one of them is only interested in a friends with benefits type of thing, while the other wants something long term.
    He might like her, but may like someone else even more.


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