Girls I would be grateful for you're input in this subject 'what girls look for in guys'?

Now i am going to be completely honest and say i have never had a girlfriend or anything like that and i have never been with a girl in any physically way. So i would like to ask girl this question, when you are looking at someone as a potentially boyfriend what sort of qualities or traits would you look for, lets just say its not just meeting someone through mutual friends but also maybe even if you were on a dating site, would you look for anything different online then you would when your just out and about. I am on a dating website but have not have any dates, not a lot of girls from my area are on this dating site so getting a date is hard, is there anyway i feel like it is just impossible for me to meet a girl, im not sure if it is my location. i live out of the town but even when im back in college and going on night outs with my friends it is hard to meet a girl. For example its hard to talk to a girl in a nightclub because its loud. So is there any advise you could give or anything at all? and what do you look for in a potentially boyfriend or partner whatever?


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  • Ordered by priority are what I personally look for

    1. Enjoys his life and is excited about life in general
    2. Takes responsibly over his emotions/behaviour
    3. Decisive and will stand up for himself and the people he cares about
    4. Have clear moral boundaries and standards that align with mine
    5. Values family and makes time for them
    6. Has friends that are good people / a positive influence
    7. Aware of his personally weaknesses and actively works on them
    8. Exercises his mind and body regularly
    9. Can laugh at himself and make other people laugh
    10. Is physically attractive


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  • Well the most important thing for me is a guy that has a great sense of humor. I've always been extremely attracted the guys that I can make me laugh at the drop of a hat, no matter what mood I'm in. Also guys that have a lot of confidence. There's just something about a man that's sure of himself that's really attractive.

    Also try finding out what a girl is passionate about in order to get her talking. Instead of making small talk like, "how's your day?", try asking what type of music she likes, or why she chose her major.

  • 1.personality
    3.if you are like us
    7.if you are like her father
    8.age feeling smart you are

  • Usually girls would want somebody like them, someone they can relate to, who they feel comfortable around, and could make them laugh

  • Guys they're attracted to who they feel comfortable being themselves around.


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