Having a hard time believing he likes me, even if he truly does.?

here's this guy at work, I like him quite a bit. I've been working here for 7 months.In my 3rd month he started asking about whether I had a boyfriend or not, etc.He then once told my sister who was waiting to check out (grocery store I work at) that she has a pretty sister.My brother in-law was in a bad car accident a month later and I was really sad at work, waiting to clock in.He noticed and he comforted me and hugged me and told he was here for me, gave my hand a kiss.I think that's all "Your a great friend I'm here for you." a few weeks later I was shopping, he put his hands on my shoulder.When I looked back he was walking away.Last sunday, he told me I needed a man in my life someone who likes me for me, then asked my age and if I would consider dating a guy 8 years older than I.He then told me a co-worker told him, that he and I should go out.I think he was just teasing with me.Today was another bad day, and I was on break, he was heading home, he asked if I was okay, i said sure, but he saw me crying, came over and asked why and I told him, then he pulled me in for a hug, I just kept crying, he clasped my hand in his and said "You know I think your a beautiful special girl, I'll always be here for you" Kissed my hand and forehead.And then ran his hand down my cheek.I like him a lot, and I think maybe that's why I'm misreading his actions, a few people I know says it sounds like he likes you, but I just don't believe it haha. I read that forehead kiss means sisterly.
Update : Personally, I think he's just trying to get me to stop being sad.

I mean, I'm not beautiful or pretty haha (and no lectures on self-esteem.If I posted a pic, you'd agree) So right there, I feel is him just being nice.

P.S.Sorry if this posted twice, it wasn't showing up on my profile.


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  • It is time to tell him how you feel. I promise you, he wants to date you, its so easy to tell and since I am a guy, I can tell he wants you. Go after what you want and invite me to your wedding. Good luck gal pal

    • Thank you.I kind of think he knows.he was like "You wanna tell me something don't you, your blushing." I was like " maybe, but my lips are sealed right now" He told me eventually he'll know what it is haha.

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  • He could possibly like you but like you said it could be sisterly. Why don't you throw some signs of interest?

    • The signs you've showed tells me that he its more interested if anything though

    • Because I'm shy, and I really don't know how to flirt, I'm not used to relationships haha.I had one boyfriend, but that kind of felt like it was just both of us were desperate lol.

  • I think he likes you. I don't think he would go out his way to make you feel better if he didn't. If he just liked you as a friend he would if probably said, "Hope everything is ok." Maybe looks aren't important to him and he likes your personality.

    • Thing is, when his ride came along it was "See you around" So that's where I started questioning it again haha.

  • I think he like you seriously, flirt with him a little