Why won't my boyfriend post a picture of me?

It's been 4 years and I have never been on my boyfriends Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. If I ever comment on anything it gets deleted. I feel like he's ashamed of the way I look and ashamed to bring me around anyone?


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  • He's not necessarily ashamed of you. It could be because he doesn't want anyone to know his business or because he wants to appear single. Do not rule out the fact that he's ashamed of you though. The only way to address this is to talk to your boyfriend and let him know how it makes you feel.

    • We've talked and it leads to arguments.. He just says he's not that type of guy which I understand...but it's just one picture I ask for.. Only one as a sweet gesture and I always get pushed over

    • Then your only choices are to live with it or (threaten to) leave him.

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  • If he posts pictures of himself, or especially if he posts pictures of himself with other people, there is no reason you should not be included in it.
    Either that or he doesn't want to deal with deleting you once you break up.

    • exactly he's a very private person but I just asked for one picture to show a sweet gesture for once, he won't even budge.

  • the deleting comments things is pretty strange, i'd say it's a red flag. No pictures is one thing maybe he's private/iffy on putting everything on social media.

    • yes it is, countless arguments. I don't see the big issue. its one picture.

    • Your definitely right, the picture shouldn't be an issue for him, I'm just saying there is a little more wiggle room there if he isn't the picture type. (like weirdguy said if he posts pictures of himself with people all the time then yes it's another red flag)

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  • Have you ever met anyone he is associated with, family, friends, etc?

    • Yes it took time but.. I've met his close friends and his famiy..

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    • I will.. ill just leave the subject alone and see what happens. thanks so much for listening

    • no problem

  • He hates you lol