Why do people feel the need to inter fair with other peoples love lives?

I have had people try to set me up with girls and it has only ended up with hurt feelings and awkward situations. I had a girl give me weird looks for over a year after someone set me up with her, when I was not even attracted to her. Why can't people stay out of other peoples love lives? It is so annoying.


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  • Tell me about it -_-
    I want to meet someone on my own. Being forced to date someone is so incredibly awkward, I always feel like I'm supposed to like the guy and I don't know how to say no, so I'm always nice if he texts me, and he takes it the wrong way... its just a huge hassle x (

    • I know, The few times it has happened to me, I have always tried to be nice in the way I have let the girl down. Doing it gently but feelings always get hurt. It is a huge hassle.

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