Does he like me or is he not that into me?

I've been talking to a guy for 6 months and he's been in Afghanistan for 5, and we have only hung out 3 times when he was home (which was only one month). Tonight he told me he isn't sure how he feels exactly but that will all change once he sees me. Why is he not sure how he feels? Why would seeing me again change that? Should I back off?

He says he likes me and misses me and wants to spend time together when he's home so I was not expecting him to be unsure about how he feels towards me.


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  • When you don't see a girl for a while you forget how it feels.

    I know cause i go through it a lot. I need to see the girl again and it would bring back the feelings.

    Be sure you welcome him back when he comes :)

    • I had a plan to welcome him back! I bought new lingerie and was gonna get him his favorite alcohol, basically try to woo him.

    • Great. If you know he'll like it, those feelings will come rushing back.

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