I need guy help, and I need it fast! Party is in a couple weeks!

i like this guy and he likes me.There's a sleepover party in a couple weeks in the backyard in tents, there's alcohol, and he said I could sleep in his tent, which I really want to! we've made out already, but I want to go further , like 2 base or maybe 3rd. any advice in how I can imply that I want to so he knows?

and its just us 2 in the tent :)


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  • i wouldn't say anything that would imply to much, but be sort of flirty.

    Say things like " I'm really excited for that party, I'm glad it'll be just us in the tent ; )"

    But I wouldn't say anything worse then that. You don't want to come off to heavy.

    When the night comes just be extra assertive and don't be afraid, he's a boy, he won't reject it lol.