How to ask a guy out over Facebook..?

There is a guy I am interested in dating and have been for a couple years now.. However I don't have any actual contact with him other than through Facebook... I've tried to get his sister to set something up but that's gone nowhere...
I've been told by many to just send him a message on Facebook.
I'm just not sure how to go about it. Do I just straight up ask him out to diner or something? Also not sure how to word it.

I knew this guy 8 or so years ago in elementary school, haven't had any recent direct contact except for him commenting on my odd thing on Feb...


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  • If it's the only chance you have to go out with him then you don't have any other option do you?

    "Hey haven't seen you in SO LONG. we should catch up over coffee sometime :)"

    unless you want dinner, then you'll have to be more forward about it. If you only want more than friends then you need to say something like "Hey it's been so long, and you've grown up nicely. you should take me out sometime ;)" but obviously don't say that with the first message.

    First you need to just talk to him


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  • "Hey, it's been ages! How have you been? I was wondering if you had any plans on Saturday, I figured we could watch a movie or something. Cheers!"

  • Pretty simple, message him using Facebook messenger, and tell him that you to confess that you are interested in dating him sometime. Simple as that, and most guys like being told that a girl likes them so you don't have to be afraid of him shunning you off or something lol. We're not in 'that' age where guys have to be the one to ask a girl out, girls asking guys out is a definite turn on, and shows she has some courage :).

  • If a girl asked me out over FB, I wouldn't take it seriously. If you want to ask a guy out, approach him in person and ask him out.

    • I'm with this guy. She's obviously joking around or playing some game if she ask me out on FB.

    • I feel the same way if a girl sends me a letter, gets her friend to approach me or sends me a text message.

      I just do not take it seriously, some guys will, but I won't.

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  • Let me tell you something, lately I've discovered that guys like it when girls take a chance and ask them out , so just begin a conversation with him and if you feel like the conversation is going well, just say hey maybe we can hang out someday? and if he says yes, be like what about tomorrow or etc day..

    Dont just bluntly ask him out..thats a bit creepy, so just begin a conversation than go from there, if you two talk a lot than you can ask if not..dont. By a lot i mean if he awnsers in long sentences and not short words.

    • and dont ask him out for dinner.. but "maybe a coffe or a drink"

  • First off.. you don't.