We've been seeing each for a while will we ever be official?

I've been seeing this guy for just over two months now. He said he likes me and that he's not using me. We do everything couples do e.g go out for dinner, hold hands in public, cuddle in bed and it doesn't let to sex/ hold hands in bed, picks me up from work. We were out for dinner the other night and he said by the way my sister is meeting us, that night was the first time I've met his sister, nephew bother in laws dad and brother. Calls me baby and beautiful. He is 10 years older then me. We he ever have the balls to ask me? Or he just wanting to see each other?


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  • Are you just annoyed that he hasn't asked if you guys can be "official"?

    Sometimes it doesn't need to be said. Everyone has a different preference I guess.The fact is it sounds like you're really close as a couple, and he's introduced you to his family. To me that says he must really like you and, while he hasn't said it, you guys are pretty official

    • To be honest yeah I am. I shouldn't care but it would be nice to know where I stand if that makes sense? Really? That's pretty cool

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  • I think that what you have started is truly beautiful and meaningful. And being he Is older, this shows me he is getting to know you, nurse and nurture what you have, and is Slowly doing things His way, On His own time and level for now.
    By him introducing you to his family this is also a sure sign that you are important to him and that somewhere around the family tree, you and he are headed for a potential partnership.
    Be patient, sweetie, it's Only been a few months. He is Not going to jump right into Anything Permanent today until he is Sure this is what and Who he wants. And he's being smart, wise for his years, and may have had a few past bad experiences, so this is game plan now.
    He is definitely Into you, enjoys your company, and I see the chemistry is perfect here. And with more time and sharing, I do believe You will be the one he not only makes Exclusive, but-----Official as well. So far you have not pushed, appeared clingy Or desperate. You are playing your cards well.
    Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was a Rolling Romance. Give things time to build themselves into what could be...eternity.
    Good luck.xx

    • Thanks you for the advice :) This is the first time a guy has actually treated right. So I'm not used to be in this kinda of friendship. Another thing is he's always pays for everything I ofter to pay but he doesn't let me. My mates have said its definitely not friends with benefits. Im definitely not clingy at all!! Again thanks for the advice

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    • So we were shopping and he asked for my opinion on work pants I asked why he said because that's what girlfriends do. He hasn't really asked me to be his girlfriend nor is it a official so should I just go with it?

    • He called you his' girlfriend' when he replied to you... It's a start... Yes, for now, go with his slow flow... xx