I recently encountered with guys who took me granted from almost the beginning and they played hard to get , is it something wrong with me or them?

i feel like i gave some signals to guys that make me look like so desperate for them which is not true , they play games and i`m sure in their mind i`m gonna beg for them , but i `ve not ever begged a guy for anything , my question is :are they all assholes and i`m chosing wrong guys or i`m sending some signals unconciousely that i`m desperate and i`m gonna do anything takes for reaching them , thanks


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  • Whether they are interested in you or not, there's no excuse for anyone to be playing mind games. Are you sure they are using mind games rather than flat out ignoring you?

    And what are these signals you are sending? How do they respond?

    • eye contact , smiling back they are warm at that moment but in 5 min he got ice cold , in one case , or there was a guy , i had a cool conversation with me but he didn`t accept me on fb , then i saw him in school , we had a international food day he came to taste the food of country i saw him he saw me but he disappeared

    • Sounds like he's just plain not interested. Or have a girlfriend already and doesn't want you to get the wrong idea. I wouldn't overanalyze. Sometimes the best way to test if a guy is interested is put an idea out there of doing something together and see if he follows up on it. Eye contact and all that subtle stuff get really uncomfortable after a while, like 'what does he/she want from me' uncomfortable

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