Stay friends or try dating again?

Dated this girl for a little over two months and then sort of lost contact after she went on vacation for a couple weeks. I remember asking her if she wanted to go out and she was busy getting ready for her trip and it was left at that.

Months later we see each other at the gym end up working out together a few times and are now friends and text time to time. Neither of us have brought up why we stopped hanging out, which is funny. Now the question is should I just stay friends with her or ask her out again. I have no idea if she is seeing anyone either at the moment.



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  • You need to talk with her. You need to know the reasons why you two suddenly lost contact without any final words. That's the only way that you'll know whether it's worth trying dating again or staying friends.

    • That is true. Just don't know if it would make things awkward.

    • It's either you go ahead even with that possibility or you you don't and forever wonder what could've been.

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  • Everyones definition of dating is different, so what went on between the two of you?

    It's kind of weird you two lost touch while she was packing/on a trip. I say wait a while and see if she comes around. Usually girls like to be texted first, so if she is always texting you first switch it up and see if more conversations are happening!

    Girls don't really like it when guys try to rush things, so take it slow!

    • Went out on dates together. Didn't do anything more than kiss physically.

    • It also might have went a little too fast as we saw each other a quite a few times a week.

  • You're going to have to decide what you want. If you never addressed the situation, would you be cool with her just texting you every few days & saying hey at the gym? If you like her, don't bring up why you stopped talking, just ask her out again.

    • I agree with you there. I enjoy hanging out with her and I guess inevitably I will need to decide what I want in the relationship. Thanks

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