What response is considered a good sign when you tell a guy you USED to have a crush on him?

You're on a long time anticipated date with a girl you once told was "gorgeous" many years ago. Suddenly she states "Did you know I used to have a crush on you?"

What goes through your mind? What would your response be? Would the words "USED to" have a negative effect on your response?

How would you feel if she said this to you and how would YOU respond?


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  • I'd be like, 'Really?' But also at the same time thrilled if the feelings were MORE than mutual. I'd also be put on the spot because even at my age, I'd turn beat red out of shock and excitement.

    • Perhaps you could make sense of his response? Would you mind reading below and give me your opinion? Thanks! :)

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    • I would LOVE to ask him to go to a romantic dinner with me but I don't really know the best approach. The last thing I want is to freak this guy out.

    • At least keep up contact with him to let him get comfortable around you. And then after awhile if you feel he is without a doubt comfortable, I'd say go for it.

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  • (I'm a shy guy.)

    At first I would be flattered and smile as I ask "What made you like me?", but the whole time I listen to her answer I would be hearing that "used to" part ring out inside my mind and I would feel disappointed, though I would continue hiding it with a smile.

    • So as a shy guy (because I'm pretty sure HE is) would you feel the need to play it "cool" just in case the "used to" part was still relevant? ... He gave me such a weird response.

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    • You don't need to be that forthright about it, but you should at least signal interest in him using something other than an untruth.

    • Your totally right. I guess I was a bit of a pussy about it :(

  • I would be surprised for sure. I would probably feel indifferent at first but after i would feel really happy lol. Honestly if she tells me that i would probably say something like.. "really?"

    Yes, the word 'used to' would have a negative effect on me for sure. Especially when i start thinking things through too much.. it will have a slight effect on my reaction because i would feel like she doesn't like me anymore.

    • A good response would be if he looks down shyly and has a huge smile on his face.

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