Does my boyfriend fancy a girl from work?

I've been seeing my boyfriend for about 4/5 months. Things seem to be going relatively well, as I've met and stayed with his family and I've just been on holiday with a few of his friends (two other long-term couples).

There's this girl from his work that he's mentioned a number of times- saying that she's totally awesome and has brought her up in conversation. He's invited me to meet her twice- one time in fact was a party she was hosting, but both times I couldn't make it. He's also said that she talks to him about other guys she goes on dates with. She knows we are together, as she sometimes comments on photos of us.

Anyway, I've seen him messaging her sometimes and the other day I glanced over and saw that she'd sent him a photo OF HIM on what appeared to be a bed? Possibly a sofa. He'd responded with 'awwww'. The photo was just of his face. What the fuck does this mean? And are they just friends or what?


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  • Well, he wishes/fantasies they might be a couple someday but she is content being a friend, him being just another charm on her bracelet. You are asked to meet her as his current/temporary #1, hoping all could play together, see more of both of you gals until the day she decides to take over.

    That's NOT all bad, sister - playing in such an expanded social setting as she provides - with your eyes wide open to this undercurrent - allows you to choose a better lifeboat than this guy when your ship begins to sink... this is an opportunity to shop guys to replace him someday!


What Girls Said 1

  • They are getting real close.
    If he weren't with you, it's clear to see he would consider dating her.

    Although you may not approve of their relationship,
    If he is staying within the boundaries then don't worry too much about it.
    He won't ever do anything if he respects you.

    Their relationship would make anybody feel uncomfortable though.