Is it weird to call your crush when he did not give you his number?

Like if you found his home phone number in the student directory of your school (which every student is given each year)?

I really want to tell my crush something over the phone, but I don't have his cell number. Is it okay to call his home phone, or will he think that's weird? Or what if his parent answers instead? Or no one answers--should I leave a message or call back later or what? Please help!

Thanks for the advice, everyone! I think I'm just going to e-mail him again eventually and not call just yet... He should give me his number first.


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  • Yeah, you should probably do what mustang99 said and talk to him face to face first. As for whether or not it would be weird to call him without him giving you his number, it would really depend on the guy. A girl who had a crush on me found my number in a similar directory and texted me first then called me and we talk all the time now. Some guys could possibly be weirded out by that though so do what mustang99 said and talk to him in person first.


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  • That is weird because you didn't get his number from him, I think you should try talking to him face to face. If you can't tell him your feelings right away try being friends with him and then tell him how you feel, don't call him by getting his number from this student directory.


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  • Okay, I'm just going to let you know that calling him that way is kinda creepy and slightly stalkerish.

    That being said, if it's important enough to call his house then you better be prepared to talk to his parent(s) and ask to speak to him or leave a message (although I wouldn't, you know... just to keep the creep factor to a minimum)