My sister has been going with her bf for almost 3 years. She found out her bf is planning to buy a fake engagement ring for 30.00.?

She overheard him on the phone with one of his male friends. She is asking me what to do. I don't know what to tell her. She is 52 and he is 55. They do not live together. He has an apartment and she has her own house and makes decent money. He has an apartment and his work is slow right now. He goes to the casino every couple of weeks and blows like 60.00. He also works a second job delivering pizza 2 nights per week. He is constantly asking her to move in and she told him not without a ring. And now he is telling her that his work may close down. Is this guy playing her? They are always together and never fight. I don't know what to tell her because I don't want her to make the wrong choice. I told her go with her gut feeling. My sister means everything to me so that is why I am asking for a guys advice.


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  • "her bf is planning to buy a fake engagement ring for 30.00"

    Doesn't sound like a big spender.


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  • So he has one full time job and a second part time gig delivering pizzas. He drops $60 every couple of weeks on gambling but he will only shell out $30 for a "fake" ring?

    Sounds like an asshole to me. He could easily save up a few months of gambling money, about $360 to buy a plain gold ring. I mean really? He can't even do that? Sounds like he's kind of a selfish dude.

  • I don't know but this guy dont sound so bad. he actually has motivation. works extra night delivering pizza and he is 55 years old? what guy do you know that will do that? 60 dollats every few weeks certainly doesn't sound like a gambling addiction to me. he sounds bored. she should make a move or not. fake ring? who cares? its the thought that matters.


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  • Maybe it's just me...

    but isn't the ring just supposed to be a token?

    I mean.. who cares if it cost $500 or $0.50...

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