What should I do? Last day of school on the 10th of June. What should I do to my BF? (It's the 9th)?

Hi! So, it's the last day of school tomorrow. I reeeeally want to kiss my boyfriend, hold his hand, or hug him. What should I do?
We ride the same secondary bus. What can I do? PLEASE HELP!
~ KittuCookiesYum


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  • My daughter is a sophomore I wish she would talk to me. What grade are you two in?

    • 6th grade yeah

    • I can't tell u what to do. What I can tell u is this. Kiss is just kiss. If you want to explore a curiosity go ahead. Stay away from boyfriends and sexual relations. They distract you from what you should be focused on. Building your future and laying out a plan for your success.
      I'm starting to sound like your mom I'm sure, so this is where I stop

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