Friendzoned? Or is it some kind of a test?

I met a girl 6 months ago, every time I asked her if she loved me she would either avoid the question or answer indirectly.

Yesterday I told her that I love her a lot and would like to spend my life with her. For the first time she answers directly.

"I am honoured. .
But d answer is no
I have never thought that v are compatible. .
Coz d truth s...v aren't. .
Pls don't ask me ds again. .
I don't particularly enjoy saying no to u.."


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  • I know in the back of your head you're trying to find some way to fix this. You can't. Nothing you'll do will make her attracted to you.
    You need to cut all contact with this girl. No goodbyes, no farewells. Zero contact.


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  • Are you trolling? If you've only known her for six months then I doubt she is in love with you. Stop pressuring her. If she loves you she will tell you. Her silence is your answer. She doesn't.

    • Not trolling. I'm just sad and can't think on my own at the moment.

    • You shouldn't have pressured her to tell you that she loved you. She would tell you when she was ready and she wasn't. In the future I do not suggest doing it again. Love takes time. Also why would you even think it was some kind of test? She told you directly how she felt.

  • Friend zoned


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