When crushing on a coworker who is in a relationship becomes a problem?

Okay... So I've been friends/flirting with a co-worker and things were great. Then he started saying he was in an open relationship and its okay as long as his girl knows... Now it's to the point where we are sneaky and texting all the time and going back and forth with no mention of his girlfriend... So should I stop wasting my time or should I just see where it goes...

Now he does live with her and have a kid by her also. He also takes care of her child from the previous relationship. We have a lot in common and a lot of sexual tension towards each other?

Basically are we secretly wanting more or are we just wanting to fool around?


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  • Open relationships are rough, especially because, seeing as he doesn't ever mention her, he may be using the open relationship excuse to cheat on her. Have you ever heard her agree that the relationship is open? I say proceed with caution.

    • I haven't done anything with him or anything likethat it started off as a friendship and started leaning towards this way.. Im not sure what exactly he was wanting..

    • Best thing is to just straight up ask him what he wants. If the relationship he's in is open, he should have no issues answering the question. He wants sex? He should say it. Friendship? He should say it. Not implying that you've done anything. You seem like a nice person and are genuinely concerned.

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  • get a guy whos not in a relationship


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  • Why would you want to be with someone who was already in a relationship?

    Want the truth?

    You are just side-action. Like the guy commented he is mostly likely cheating on her with you especially if you have not talked to her specifically about this situation.

    • Yeah that's why I haven't done anything with him.. he just seems kinda strange that we went from friends to talking about other things and I feel like he wants more than what I'm able to give

    • You deserve someone who wants you and only you. :)