She seems like a player to me?

I'll first start off by saying that I met this girl on Tinder.

After talking on tinder, and them moving onto texting. We ended up going on a few dates together (5 in fact so far.). I was really intrigued, because she comes from a good family, is a teacher, and a so called catholic. Very sweet, kind, intelligent, and fits the good girl description.
As of our last date, I knew she was going to Australia for a week with a friend for their birthday, and found out it was a guy that she use to like. She also mentioned on our last date. That she was going on a road trip. After a few drinks, I decided to sneak in the question of with whom she was going with. She told me that it was with a guy that she only knew for 8 months. It wasn't so odd, but she stopped shortly after saying so, and showed an expression. That basically told me that she shouldn't have let that part slip out.
We planned on another date, but after a bud of mine noticing her on Tinder earlier tonight, and actually messaged him back (he wanted to see if she would respond.). I've thought about just not speaking with her further. That the very effort of explaining my concerns seems pointless at this time.
Am I wrong in thinking that she's a player? She expresses how much she likes me, but seems like she isn't as good of a girl as I once though.


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  • It's Obvious she is Interested in playing the field, dating other men, and not settling down on the roadside with anyone permanent right now.
    Just because she is 'in the outfield,' doesn't mean she is Not 'as good of a girl as I once thought,' She just enjoys going out and meeting different guys, doing what she likes to do without answering to anyone, and that includes with Who she chooses to hit the road with.
    If you're More into a serious relationship, she is not the girl for you. She's not ready for a steady, and it's 'pointless at this time' to continue if this is your case.
    Good luck.xx

    • Thank you for your honest answer. I guess I'm old fashioned, and believe you should date one person at a time. No worry, I think it's time to move on. Thanks :)

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    • Thanks :) and I will. We both made sure to attend a 6 month marriage counseling session after we got engaged to make sure what we had was absolutely real and we passed with flying colors. I recommend marriage counseling to anyone who is engaged, or thinking about getting engaged. It really brought out a lot of skeletons that we were able to work past.

    • Oh, wow, what a Great idea and so mature on both parts.. I am seeing a great step to a Great start!!!:)) xxoo

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  • how dare she be talking to multiple guys! oh now she's not a good girl

    if she's single and not in a relationship, then why is it "not good" of her to talk to more than one guy? why shouldn't she keep her options open so she can find the best one?

    if she was looking for a relationship she has better chances of finding the right person if she meets more people

    • It's more of the fact that she wasn't honest with me about it. Sure the first 3 dates were to keep it from me, but after a month, and saying the kind of these towards liking me as she did. I think its disrespectful to not at least to tell me.

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  • The fact that she goes on tinder mean she's looking for someone to pass her time, and people mainly use that app to hook-up. That being said, what type of relationship do you two have? Is it exclusive, open and does she know about this agreement?

    • Nothing was defined as of yet. She acted as if she wanted to see more of each other, but as to what Paris said above. She may just not be a good match for me. I'm not into girls playing the field. Nothing against it, but just a personal preference to avoid those types.

    • you're a smart man. I agree, it is better to stay away from drama like that.

  • Honestly I wouldn't trust anyone I meet on those hookup apps. She probably has talked to a lot of guys and you really don't know if she wants a relationship or is just looking for someone to pass the time

    • True... She did make it seem like she was wanting something long term, and I guess I just feel manipulated. In the sense that she wasn't at least honest about it with me.

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    • I guess you just have weed out the ones who are true to their word. From the ones who just say it to get a good lay.

    • However, as I've gotten older and been in dates with women in their twenties. I've actually been told by a few women. As toward the idea of them just looking for a fling. Life's too short to lie and manipulate in that sense.

  • It really is hard to say. It could be that she's dating around a lot, but that doesn't necessarily mean she's sleeping around. It could be that she's throwing a few nets out, as opposed to just the one line in hopes of finding the one sooner.
    The only way you will know is to ask her, unfortunately. She didn't hide who she was traveling to Australia with, but she didn't mean to tell you about the road trip... Just ask, the sooner you know where you stand the better.

    • My first thought was to just stop talking to her all together, but you're right in asking. That way, well both be on the same page about what we want.

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