Is leg shape a deal breaker? I think I have chubbster knees.?

I am a health nut. Im at the gym every day and have quite a bit of muscle and a toned tummy but my weight seems to all go straight to my knees and I'm very insecure about them. As guys would you notice this?


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  • UGH! OMG! DISGUSTING! Chubbster knees! Gah! That's sickening. Seriously. Gross.

    No. rofl. Your knees are probably the last thing he's looking at, unless he's some weirdo into extra skinny knees. Now, if you have a toned tummy, oh boy. That's drool town, for serial. Totally serial.

    So, basically, don't worry about your knees. I'm sure they're fine, unless you have these HUUUUGE giant floaty inflated knees. Then...yeah, in that case you may want to contact a physician. But just kinda big comparatively? Meh.

    We guys are fairly simple in this. The top things we look at are:

    Boobehs, (usually followed or combined with a glance down to the torso/tummy) obviously at number 1.
    2. Ass.
    3. Face and hair.
    4. Legs as a whole.

    It's sad but true.

    (Disclaimer: This may not be true for all guys, as with women, not all men are exactly the same with the same interests or find the same things appealing. This is a general statement.)


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  • No, as guys we would not notice this.

  • im sure they look fine. If a guy really likes you he won't care at all i mean unless the dude is really into knees

  • Nah. I *wish* my weight were in my knees!


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