Quick i'm in serious need of some help! i love my bf & he loves me but i'm tired of telling him to try harder with love msgs, asking me out, etc?

Whats up guys! okay so my boyfriend and i have been dating for about 7 months now and we are very much into each other. The thing is that we were supposed to be a fling and then after we realized we were actually into each other he did so many sweet things for me like the typical sweet msgs, roses, actually asking me out on dates, and he smiles so much with excited when he saw me. Well now 7 months into the relationship, he doesn't try anymore... i keep bringing it up but nothing changes. I want him to spice things up because im the type of girl that loses interest if the spark isn't there and if im not on my toes!!! Im so head over heels for him but the lack of romance just bugs me. I feel like only sex is the time he actually makes me feel special or when we are just home watching tv... I dont know what to do. Has he lost interest in me? Am i doing wrong? What do i do? Please help me guys, i really wanna keep him around but i will not waste my time, especially his </3
BTW: yes i have brought it up a lot and i still keep things sparked with him to keep him on his toes but him towards me... not so much.

  • Should i have serious talk with him about this?
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  • Should i just consider giving us a break hoping that he might snap back into reality that he might be losing a good woman in his life?
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  • Just let it go, i might be overreacting?
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  • too beautiful to be ignored thats for sure.

    when you first met. thats called the honeymoon phase of a relationship, everything is new and exciting. you probably learned too much about each other too fast and haven't really evolved since then. honeymoon phase tends to be over pretty quickly and it doesn't sound like he knows that he's supposed to keep it up (even though you told him). we think that once we have you, you will always be with us, and in fact the prettier the girl, the more likely she is to cheat (hopefully you wouldnt). you need to take a long look at yourself and ask yourself if this is worth waiting out. you said its not but if you think he'll change then it might be worth waiting. there's no real good answer here, im just telling you what might be happening. good luck, cutie

    • a good way to get him at least wondering is to flirt with other men in front of him and wonder why you're doing this. if he reacts poorly (isnt protective) he's not into you anymore. just be careful with this though, treading the jealousy card is a dangerous path

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    • well to be honest, i poured my feelings out to him about how neglected i felt and how i do love him but the fact that he doesn't show he cares, makes me feel like i failed as a girlfriend and i no longer obtain his interest. I just want to be reminded that i am loved just as i show him every day without him asking. I don't know i said so much lol i might have done wrong in telling him that this is the last time i ask him to show he cares because there won't be a "next time". i just want to be loved and happy... well needless to say, it worked and these past two days have been full of love and laughs. so i pray it stays this way. Yet again, i believe that all the negative voices that surround me... like my "mothers", get in my head to where i also believe im not happy when i am but hearing her voice and thoughts get to me. especially when i hear them every single day at least 3 times a day.

    • well, ur mom just wants whats best for you. if she knows something that you dont, maybe you ought to listen, yes?

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  • "im the type of girl that loses interest if the spark isn't there and if im not on my toes!!!" Good luck ever being in a long relationship then lol

  • But all those things you mention are part of the conquest phase which you guys already went through? I mean, wouldn't it actually be weird if he were still trying that hard to impress you after 7 months and you guys practically living together?
    Not saying there can't be special occasions when he might surprise you and stuff, but on an everyday basis sounds a bit too demanding in my humble opinion.

    Maybe you could lead by example though. Ask him out to somewhere special or do something for him and see how it goes and how he reacts.

    • she wants to feel like she's still wanted by her bf though. he doesn't shower her with the type of attention he used to give (honeymoon phase) and she misses that. the problem she's having is that she doesn't know how to get across to him that she feels neglected, because she probably fears how he'll react. i know if i was confronted like that, id be scared

    • i dont ask for everyday things. just every now and then but nothing. im the one that asks him out and plans everything so we can have a blast but I don't know i guess i felt like i gave him everything too quick to where its pointless but as of now i fixed it and things are going steady!