Girls/guys why do you think I'm turned off from my fwb?

I'm tired of my fwb. I told him that i was kind of tired of it. I asked him of he was. I think i kind of hurt his feelings. He claims he has no feelings for me. It's been 3 years of bulls hit with him. This time he couldn't cum, so i told him that means maybe it's time for him to find someone else, you know to hint him that maybe we should stop. He was like no he was playing ball. So i went in to ask him if he's sick of this routine we have. I'm boredddd, but i couldn't tell him that. I really don't want to hurt his feelings. .. but I'm just not as into him anymore.


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  • sex has gotten bad, most likely. have you tried something new, to spice it up

    • Yea, but we've been going for 3 years there's nothing else to do. Imj bored

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    • I care about him most definitely. I've been dealing with him for 3 years, we've become very close and cool. Idt that's a problem

    • it obviously is..otherwise you wouldn't be writing about it

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  • Maybe consider that Friends With Benefits
    isn't really a healthy type of sex life to live
    just think of how many partners he has
    he has never told you that's why he can't cum
    It's a turn off i want a girl who is someone
    special in my life forever i don't want a girl
    who doesn't want anything real

  • I got a feeling you like him in a "more-than-fwb" way... you're starting to care for him and how he feels... that's the first step in romance.

    • we all know thats the case, just wanted to see if she could admit it

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    • I did start to care for him, it's complicated but at this point because I admitted that i wanted a relationship he stated that he doesnt. So now I'm drained from friends with benefits

    • Well there you go lol, exactly what I'm saying: there's always one person who gets attached. This is a lesson to be learnt, move on.

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  • Dump him. FWBs are meant to be disposable. That the whole advantage

    • nice to know men are "meant to be thrown away when not needed". thats a great feeling -_-

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    • i was being sarcastic, if u didn't notice the -_-

    • @ metal189 FWBs are consensual and disposable. -___-
      @ asker sex based flings have a short shelf life. You exit when drama enters.