First date, he never called I gave up then messages 1AM asking why I ignored him?

So I went out with a guy , was fun we clicked but then dates over and I was sure I would hear from him.
I didn't so bruised ego moved onand my phone smashed around that time so I had to get a new one and no numbers or texts were saved.
So the other night at 1AM I get a message saying "hey why didn't you ever reply to my text?"
I had no idea who it was since no numbers on new phone.
It was that guy, I told him Im sorry but phone smashed and I never got your message.
I followed on to tell him I just assumed he wasn't interested since I never heard from him afterwards.
So he then messages me , how are you what are u up to blah blah, I reply and then no response back.
Thats was like two days ago.
So pretty much my question is , is there a way to go about getting on another date with him after it got abit messy? And if so should I ask since im not getting a response now.
I was interested after our first date so would like to try again.


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  • Message him that you need help with your phone, arrange time together to revisit the phone store and have them explain to BOTH of you what might have happened and how to configure phones so as to have better connections in the future.
    1. he'll believe whatever you tell him in the future (even though he seems to now)
    2. he'll see your desire to have more conversations with him
    3. this adventure will turn into a date sooner or later

    On the other hand, this might be one of those late night fishermen that run out of things to do (as people abandon their late night parties to go to bed, then to work next day) and phone around to fish for someone to talk or go out again into the night. As for me, those types are too fickle, take too much sexually and don't really intend to ever have a good job, be worthwhile. Yes, I agree these are very charming - hell, they have the time to cultivate that while the rest of us work!

  • Sure. You send him a text and tell him you want another date. I am sure he will want a date with you.


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