Does it mean im girlfriend material?

So i went on five amazing dates with this guy, we spendt 3 dates at my place, made food, he slept over, he doesn't live in my town but he came for work, and after his meetings he would come over and meet me.

Well like i said five amazing dates but after our last date which was the omg date that went great, and him telling me he liked me , he began to pull away.

Long story short i managed to ask him why he was being distance, if he was still interested, and he said im glad you asked, and basically told me he wasn't looking for anything serious, because he didn't have a lot of time and had a lot going on at the moment.

I know he got out of a 6 year relationship last year and his ex is with a new guy and pregnant, so that can also have something to do with it, and i know he is really busy with school and traveling for work.

So i mean did he tell me he isn't looking for anything serious because he knows im girlfriend material? i mean he could have just said something else like , we live to far away from eachother, or said he wasn't interested?


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  • Why desire him to say that you live too far, or wasn't interested. Your lucky he put his cards down.

    I think you are correct in your assessment that you are girlfriend material and therefore are a violation of his commitment to refrain from a serious relationship. Alas, you are a victim of your own success, and apparently so is he.

    I also agree that walking out of a 6 year relationship isn't going to leave him in one piece. He has the perspective and understanding of just how close one can get to someone --- and then have it blow up. The hesitation is probably warranted. The longer a person is in a relationship, the longer it takes to get over it - so you may have a bit of waiting around *if* he is even going to change his mind at all.

    But to answer your headline Q: yeah, I think it means you're girlfriend material.

    • Cause i got a bit hurt, when he suddently shut off and didn't act as interested as before, and i myself know it began to get serious, because feelings began to develope, and i know if i wasn't ready i would have done the same thing

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    • he also wanted to be friends, and said " you are a cool girl"

      what does cool girl even mean?

    • Sounds like a good plan. A cool girl is one who a guy could spend time with or wouldn't mind knowing, but doesn't necessarily preclude romantic interest (but it still could be there). Girls who are *not* cool girls might be ones who are socially inept, or have no hobbies and activities of any interest, or cantankerously tempered. So the opposite of those things.

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  • I think you are over interpreting a little bit.


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  • if 3 of the 5 dates were at your house instead of all of them involving him taking u out that should have been a huge sign he wasn't really trying to invest in a relationship. he probably could tell u wanted more and wasn't gonna be easy so he told you.

    however its never a good thing to base your worth "am I gf material or not" based on what a guy says or does to you.

    • Well i mean our 1 date we went out and 2 date i met all his friends , and the rest we made food and watched movies at my place, considering that both of us are students im not going to make him buy me dinners outside..when we can have it more cozy at my place.

  • maybe yes he considers you as girlfriend material and don't wanna hurt you because he just isn't ready to get into another relationship

  • I assume he thinks you're capable of (or interested in) maintaining a LTR, but all we know for certain is that he is not ready for a relationship.