Should I second date if I really don't want a relationship?

So a couple of weeks ago I kissed this guy at a friends party, it was originally supposed to just be a one night drunken thing. However the next day he called me, asking to catch up again. Normally I would have shot this offer down because datings really not my forte and I am not looking for a relationship atm. But he had treated me so lovely that evening and I did sorta want to get to know him better so I agreed.
We went on this date and it was fairly good, he seems like a really nice person but I didn't feel a connection strong enoug.h for me to want to break my single lifestyle. I have explained to him that I am not after a relationship but he still wants to date me again and I have agreed because, well, I enjoy getting to know people and I do like him all right, however still not enough to warrant a relationship plus he is frankly the best kiss I've experienced.
The problem is that I'm now starting to have second thoughts about it and I'd just like to get some outside opinions. Ladies, would you second date a guy who your fairly certain you want no future with, as a boyfriend anyway?
Men, how would you feel if you'd spent time and money on a girl who you believe you might have a chance with only for her to turn around and say that she doesn't want to see you again? Is a second date too late to say you don't want anything more to do with a person?


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  • That's why a guy shouldn't spend money on a girl. If you're telling him that you don't want a relationship and he won't take the hint, it's not really your problem.


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  • He needs to be told IMMEDIATELY that he doesn't have any chance. You string him along, it's just gonna hurt him more. Let him go so he can find someone to date, because it's obviously not you. I would want to be told.


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