Is it me or him? All suggestions would be helpful.

I went away for the weekend with this guy I had been dating for a little bit now. We bonded so well and talked about things that we have never talked about such as past present and future. He paid for everything and would not let me pay for anything and I have never had that done for me before. We talked about me meeting his parents soon and just everything felt right.

He even got jealous when we were out and another guy hit on me. Everywhere we would go he would hold my hand and just had to be touching me somehow some way, and he would lean over and kiss me every chance he got!

We just got back a few days ago and we only have talked maybe once since then (which was just a quick text). Is this something I should be worried about or am i being paranoid or maybe even to needy? I really care for him but don’t want to get hurt in the process.


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  • If you had sex over the weekend with him, then it's possible (just possible) that that was all he wanted, and he got it.

    But it's more likely that he is a guy, with a guys level of communication.

    • We have had sex before this trip, and he has never been the best communicator which he admits.

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  • Some guys are just better in person. Although he sounds a bit insecure. Just ask him when you can meet up again and see what he does with that.


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