What do you think when the guy you like takes pics with other girls and posts them on Facebook/Instagram?

Hey Everybody,

So, I've been talking to this girl for about a month and I really like her at this point (we've made out, held hands, etc, etc.)

I've gathered from certain things she's said that she might be the jealous type. So, last weekend I went to an event (the X games) with a good friend from college. Our relationship is purely platonic, but we took a lot of pics together and posted them on instagram and Facebook.

Do you think the girl that I'm talking to will be jealous of the pics that I posted with my friend? And do you think it will effect my relationship with her at this point?


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  • I would think he's a sociable person who has friends and enjoys spending time with them. I would view it as a plus, honestly.


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  • I feel disrespect - i'm his girl, why he need to make himself big shot with other girls?


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