How to make my boyfriend stop telling his friends personal things about me?

my boyfriend show my mum texts sms from me, and he telling my sister in low privet things about me - i don't get along with my sister in low and i don't trust her, right now i'm away from home , yet my mum and my sister in low ask me things by texting me- i don't want them to ask me, how to make him relise he is doing things i don't want him to do, while i know he doing it cause he is lonely?

fine ! how to make my boyfriend stop tellibng MY FAMILY personal things about me


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  • Say this in a friendly feminine way, assuming you are that type of girl:

    His name, I love you, I really don't want that you tell your family personal things about me, I want that this stays between the two of us. You love me right? Please don't share any personal information about me with your family anymore. Hopeful eyes full of love.


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  • You tell him to stop it as it makes you feel uncomfortable and is disrespectful.

  • Cut him off.


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