Relationship Help! It's disappearing?

Ok me an my boyfriend were dating 4 months when I got in trouble with drugs at school it was the first time I ever tried to sell an I've never taken any , anyway so my boyfriends mom found out from his phone yes he new an wasn't happy about it so I stopped after the first week of "selling" but she got angry an took his phone away an told me that she was goin to tell I begged her please don't I have been going through some stuff... An so she decide not to tell last min but she did withdrawl her. Son out of my school an won't let us cummunicate an is home schoolin him wen he only has one more year of high school ! Then his da tol on me I got sent to alc/sac ! Well I did my days that I was sent there 45 days not including weekends an I messages her tellin her I see her point why she is mad at me an him the she really shouldn't punish him for something I did an that I regret it an that I missed her son an that we really did love each other yes only16 -17 but we did ! I cryed pretty much everyday for about 3 months never giving up on or relationship even though through all that we haven't spoken or see eachother until a week ago I got to talk to him on Instagram for like maybe a hr ! I am in love with him but if u knew the past stuff you would under stand how crazy she is an everyone at school knows this but I want to still have a relationship with him an gain her trust back ! Dose anyone have advice on all of this !

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  • For now, you need to focus on you. Your post shows that your English skills are pretty rudimentary. Get you schooling in order, and forget about guys for a while.

    • Well I have dyslexia an I really didn't feel like typing correctly but ok

    • 100% agree here. This is so poorly written with so many errors it is difficult to follow. School should be your #1 priority. Boys will come and go and the odds of you finding the 'one' below 18 are like 1%. Education sets you up for success in LIFE. Focus on your education and school. Your pseudo relationships at age 14 or 16 or whatever is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Focus.

    • Thank you AidenBlue, she needs to hear this.

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