Talking to one guy, might hook up with another?

I've been talking to one guy for a little over a week and we're starting to really like each other. We text and talk on Skype a lot. He lives about an hour away but is planning on coming to visit me next week for the first time. I'm going to a party this weekend and might hook up with another guy that I've hooked up with before. Purely physical, no emotional attachment. Since I'm not committed to the visiting guy yet, would it be alright to hook up with someone else this weekend? Or should I just avoid the party guy.

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If I do hook up with the party guy it wouldn't involve actual sex.


Most Helpful Girl

  • As far as I am concerned, and it doesn't take any rocket scientist to figure it out, you're a free agent, with no strings attached, to blast off with anyone you want to please and tease.
    You have made no prior Commitments, Nor Plans, to be Anything but your other half's 'visiting friend,' so you're not hooked at the hip, and can party down with anyone you chose to.
    However, to be fair, if Anything should change with either guy, then No----The sky would Not be the limit...Unless, of course, you just like playing the field, and Not being any One guy's "Miss Universe."
    Good luck, and have fun.xx

    • This guy from another town and you may find out, being personal face to face, that you really don't have anything in common...As far as what you are saying, you both are Not exclusive or Official...

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  • This is gonna be raw but it's my take...Yes you can hook up with party dude...but maybe you van have them both rock you..Idk if that's your thing but right now is a great chance to see...on the other hand what if party guy knocks u up up gives you an STD or crabs then new guys gets it from's happened before...I say go for a 3 way and live life all the way live

  • Someone is making an effort to come and see you. Keep your pants on for a few minutes. How would he feel if he knew what you were going to do? If I were him I'd stay the hell home.


What Girls Said 1

  • yes as long as they are not friends. I learned that from personal experience.