Should I wait for a guy who has told me he likes me to get over his ex?

I met this guy a while back and we had a very brief conversation after which we exchanged full names, to add each other on Facebook. We are both sophomores in college. I added him on fb and messaged him and didn't get a response until about 6 months later. He messaged me that he'd just seen my message, and it happened to be the same day my dad died, I hadn't told anyone yet.
We ended up really hitting it off and texted everyday all day for the two weeks I was out of town wrapping up my dad's things. I hung out with him the first day that I got back to town and we hung out twice more that week, for long periods of time. We kissed and held hands the second and third time we hung out and the conversation was even better in person. He left for his home country at the end of the week to visit his family for a month and a half. During the time that he has been gone we have maintained steady contact when we are both awake and have Skyped at least once a week. He has told me that it is my business as to whether he kisses other girls while he is away and has told me he loves talking to me and misses me... He has also told me that he can't stop thinking about his ex girlfriend and that he isn't over her.
My main question is whether or not I should wait for him. We really connect and have so much in common. The conversation is never boring or superficial. We attend the same University.


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  • That's really up to you, but i wouldn't. In my opinion life is too short, to wait on one person


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