My overly strict parents want to meet my boyfriend!!!

I've been with this guy for a few weeks now and my parents didn't know about his existence until my mom asked if I was dating someone yesterday and I obviously wasn't going to lie to her. She told my dad and now they want to meet this guy and I'm just really nervous because I have a feeling that they really won't like him. He's in beauty school because both of his parents are hairdressers and they pushed him to follow in their footsteps. My mom is also a hairdresser, and she keeps complaining about how every male hairdresser at her work is gay (my parents are extremely homophobic) I am just afraid that they may accuse him of "being gay and using me as a cover up" and they would hate him for that. He also has his eyebrow pierced and a green streak in his hair and my parents are against body mods and "crazy hair" because they associate those things with druggies and criminals for some stupid reason. They stopped letting me see my best friend last year because she dyed her hair pink and pierced her lip. I don't want the same to happen with my boyfriend.
Alright so those are pretty much my only concerns, although my mom doesn't really like the idea of interracial relationships and I'm white and he's Filipino. He's a gentlemanly type of guy and he's really good with parents, but mine are just so damn judgmental thus making this stressful! What should I do if they don't like him and flip out on me?


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  • If he is in Cosmo School he know to deal with people...just get it over...we have all been really don't matter what they think as long as you like him


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  • Hah, they want to meet him?

    My parents don't expect me to have sex or even be attracted to women. Look away from women not fully covered, have no female contact outside of 'hey' and not to have sex until marriage and that to only for procreation.

    OH and I can't be married until after I complete medical school which is well into my 30's. Basically, my whole life is already fucked and useless and with their pretty effective super cockblock techniques on top of how hard it already is to nab a woman..yeah my life is pretty miserable and does't look like going anywhere.

    Also keep in mind, parents have best in mind. If he has 'crazy hair' and stuff he might be going through a phase or perhaps have confidence issues but that's for you and your parents to judge.

    • No offense or anything but how old are you? You shouldn't let your parents baby you for your whole life. I would understand if you were like 15 and your parents didn't want you to knock up any girls but seriously. I would just tell em to fuck off. This is your life. Not theirs.

    • Sure but at a level where not only your parents but your entire family and possibly 'tribe' is expecting something of you, AND paying for you, I really have no say. In fact, were I to be caught banging a girl, by religion they have the 'right' to kill me.

      There are many guys who live like this, brainwashed into thinking they are 'enlightened' from childhood so I can't complain too much, what i'm saying is that if I were in your situation I'd be happy. I'm 22 so I'm past the point where I think edgy girls/guys are 'cool' so I know any normal parents would approve of my choices in dating

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  • Tell her that he's not allowed to eat dinner at other people's home because his family count it as family time?

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