Finding the Right one...nonsense stuff so just quickly go to the bottom if u wanna answer the question quickly?

I'm the kid who almost has it all...4.0 GPA, athletic, sociable, etc...
But I started to realize a horrible fact: most of the girls that I met are not virgins at all.
I grew up in America so I'm custom to almost all of the American culture except for doing sex and drinking. The reason for that is because I'm come from a different culture. (Bangladesh)
As far as attraction goes I like all kind of girls, race has never been an issue with me nor has been talking to girls been an issue considering that "brown men" are look down upon.
However, every girl that I meet or know had sex an so far I haven't met a single virgin yet.
I'm waiting for marraige and I'm always getting upset at the fact that I might not be able to find her because honestly I don't want a used "apple"...and no I don't see women as objects.

So I'm going to college and I wanna know where do virgins usually hang out and stuff. Also does any one know the statistics.


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  • You're kinda lucky. She's still out there the younger she is. However, I think the older a person gets, the more impatient and curious they get. I read an article about this on here years ago about how it was rather normal in society for women and men to get married at 15/16 and ever since it's drastically changed, I too am paranoid and curious (why aren't people afraid of pregnancy out of wedlock or stds/stis?) Anyway, you'll find her if you keep trying. Also, you being the guy you have the upper hand. You cannot get pregnant. And since you DO NOT have an std/stis that you know of, unless you were born with one or something maybe, there is a good chance you can propose (as society likes men to do that), find yourself a humble, sweet woman to settle down with down the road and share your lives with each other. Good luck! you can start looking now and you don't even have to pressure yourself if you don't want. We all have a choice! That's the beauty of freedom!

    If you find a gal that shares the same values as yourself, you are physically attracted to her and get along pretty well, then go and pop the question. I'm sure if she feels the same way, which you can often tell after some time, she'll say yes. Wether or not she is a virgin, just get each other tested (and if she is the right one, she will not mind it). and then she can cure whatever she has if she has any as well. Early detection is always good as my father says.

    Now stop worrying your young mind off


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  • yeah u do see women as objects if u think she's less worthy and comparing her to a damn apple just bc she's had sex

    • Well since ur a girl... What would u have from a men of you were waiting or (starving) a full apple that hasn't been touched or a bitten apple that's starting to rot. U can believe what ever crap u wanna believe in but in the end ur gonna pick the full apple.

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