A kiss on the cheek (twice)... meaning?

So I was at my Uni's Summer Ball which would good. I was waiting in the queue for the bar when I was approached by a girl we'll call A.

I've met A before on the set of a film we working although it was only for a day. I did find her attractive but she didn't really give me any signs she fancied me and I didn't fancy her per se so I didn't really push anything. Anyway I got her number for work related purposes.

Anyways so we were chatting and she was smiling and laughing at everything and even asked me about this project I had told her about and remembered the name of it which was nice (I told her like two months ago). Anyway I had to go a toilet at this point so I said I'd chat to her later when she kissed me on the cheek. It wasn't a peck and it lasted for about two seconds.

Anyway later that evening I saw her again near the end just as I was leaving. I chatted to her for a little bit before she said she was going to find her friend and I was going anyway so I said fine. She then kissed me again on the cheek as we went our separate ways.

Walking home and today I've been thinking does she fancy me at all? I added her on FB and sent her a message to check if I still had her right number although I've recently changed phones so I sent it in the most generic manner possible that didn't indicate I liked her which was stupid. She didn't respond but it doesn't really seem like an important message, it was phrased so it looked like I'd sent it to everyone.

Anyways it was just a bit weird when she kissed me on the cheek twice and I was wondering your opinion on this. Would you do that to somebody you weren't interested in and who'd you only met once before?

I do fancy her now but I'm not sure if I'm just reading too much into this. What do you think? I would like to ask her to hang out for a drink or something but do you think she's interested?


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  • Too long.
    She wants the D.


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