Is he just being friendly or does he like me more than a friend?

There is this guy who seems to like me. I only see him twice a week. Last Thursday I seen him. He smiled at me and said hello, how are you? I said hello, good and you? He also seemed very happy to see me. I sat down in the front near him. By the way I am 31 and he is just a few years older than me. Half way through the city bus route his co-worker called and he said my pretty girl is on the bus. He is a city bus driver. When we got downtown I got up. I turnred and looked he smiled with a big smile and waved goodbye, he thought that I was going out the back door, I tricked him. I walked next to him. He was sitting with his whole body pointed my way. When I walked past him, he kept his whole upper body pointed my way and kept eye contact with me. He smiled with a big smile and said see you later. I smiled back at him and said see you later. Does he like me as a friend or does he like me more than a friend?


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  • Nah he could totally like you! Maybe he thought it wouldn't be professional of him to ask for your number. You should talk to him. :)

    • Thank you. a lot of people say he likes me and that I should go for it. He is a great person and he does a lot of things for me.

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  • I think he is just being friendly. Because if he liked you more then that, he would have asked you ur number, or asked you out on a date.

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