Mega Confused! Please help! What is this guy I'm seeing trying to say?

Ok so I've been seeing a guy for about 9 months but over this time I would of seen him about twice a month as at the time we lived at different locations. We get on well, he always says how much he likes me, Calls me now and again after he's been on a night out , refers us to "we" now and a again, talks about the future, meeting family, talks a lot about his life and asks about mine, we also spend time doing normal things on dates (not just sex) and he made it seem that something would happen in the future. Anyway to cut the story short I told him I was planning on moving back home to where I originally live (which is also nearer to where he lives) and said how I was looking for work etc. This summer he is going on holiday which I have been aware of for some time however today on the phone we spoke and he said he was thinking of working in the summer aborad which sort of made me feel a little down that I wouldn't see him but I just said well its up to you. We then got onto the topic of what we were and where this was going. He said I'm not looking for a relationship right now because I have too many commitments this summer and It will be difficult to see you more". At this point I assumed he was cutting me off so I asked directly if he was saying he didn't want to see me anymore and he said " I do but it will be the same amount of time I saw you before " I was even more confused at this point. And I was adamant he was just saying he doesn't want anything but he kept making it very clear he does still want to see me. Basically I got the idea that he does still want to see me but he doesn't want commitment and wants to go on holiday and "have fun" and when he's back he wants to possibly take the relationship further. What do you guys/girls think? He also joked around saying "oh you'll probably be in a relationship when I'm back off holiday"? what does that mean sorry for the essay I just had to explain the scenario lol


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  • I think he's saying he just doesn't want to advance any further than what you guys already are for the time being.

    • Thanks for replying! I know I wrote a lot! Do you reckon he said that because he's going on holiday and just wants to have "fun"?

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